Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crochet/Tree/Invisible Braids with Straight Outre 100% Kanekalon Hair

My first time doing crochet braids on my own head. It went very well. They are very simple to do and easy to maintain depending on the type of hair you use. I decided to use Outre Jumbo Braid 100% Kanekalon
in colors 350 & 6. I can honestly say I am not a big fan of this hair used in this manner. Next time will being using bulk human or per-styled synthetic. I couldn't get the hair to hold a curl at all, and I'd be damn if I am sticking my head down near a pot of boiling water.
I couldn't find much on crochet braids with straight hair but there is not much of a difference in the application than if you would use curly or wavy hair. I used the loop and double knot technique with out a problem. I suck at tutorials so if you youtube crochet braids or tree braids you will be able to find a plethora of videos on how to attach the hair. Below is a diagram (yes I know it's suckie) of the base braid pattern I used since I want to leave out hair to cover the cornrows. Which in personal opinion looks so much better. Once again I fooled everyone and they actually believed this was my real hair. Especialy because of the color. I bleached then colored my hair a funky reddish orange color and I am always catching hell find wigs and weave to match it.
TIP: If you use the regular Kanekalon braiding to get the kinky texture out run a paddle brush through it with a blow drier or a blow dryer with a comb attachment set on medium heat.

Cornrow Pattern For Crochet Braids. Red Line = Leave-out

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Chianti said...

Brilliant! I *L O V E* the high bun! Your technique is perfect for getting a *truly protective* pulled up/back/sideways look! Thanks so much for sharing!

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